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Our Packaging & How To Recycle


We believe that we have a duty to ensure that our activities are sustainable and responsible to our environment and our community.

One way that we are championing this is through our packaging. Our aim is to constantly innovate the way we package our healthy drinks to ensure sustainability remains at the core of our business.


All of our products are packaged in glass bottles. Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable with no loss in strength or quality. Closed loop recycling means that a recycled glass container becomes a new glass container, without waste. Our amber bottles are made up of 45% recycled material and our clear bottles use 30% recycled material. The content includes recovered bottles and jars from the UK, imported recycled glass and calumite. A recycled material itself, calumite is used to aid refining, enabling the glass to be melted at a lower temperature and replace some virgin raw materials.

Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable so should be placed in your glass recycling bin.

Zero Waste Bottle Refills

You can bring your empty bottles to any of our stockists with kombucha on tap to get them refilled with kombucha. This is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to purchase our kombucha.


Our outer boxes are made from corrugated board, which is one of the most environmentally-friendly packaging materials available. All waste created during the process of manufacturing the outer boxes is collected into an extraction and baler system. This produces bales of corrugated board which are then collected and processed to be made into corrugated board again.

Not only do they contain a minimum of approximately 75% recycled material, our outer cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable too. Simply flatten and place in your household recycling.


The labels on our bottles are made from polypropylene. Polypropylene labels are tear-proof, waterproof and more durable than most other labels. The labels are 100% recyclable however we are working on finding a viable plastic free solution that is better for the planet.


Our online orders are shipped with pulp inserts to keep the bottles secure and prevent breakages. The pulp is made from water and paper; most often cardboard, newspaper or a combination of both. When mixed together, they form a slurry which is shaped, pressed and dried. Pulp is an eco-friendly packaging alternative that is made from recycled raw materials. These materials give a new life to surplus paper and reduce the amount of virgin paper used to zero. Our pulp material is produced by a local company in Glasgow.

The pulp is 100% recyclable and compostable so can simply be placed in your household cardboard recycling or composted at home. Our pulp will biodegrade in less than 6 months which is 449.5 years quicker than its plastic counterparts!


Our eco kraft paper parcel tape is made from renewable kraft paper not from plastic. Our paper tape can be left on the cardboard box when it is recycled.

Recycling at Home

Recycle Now is a great website with lots of information about how to recycle different materials at home. You can view their complete directory of recycling household items here, and you can also check what your local authority can recycle here.

We have a strict code of conduct that our suppliers must adhere to. A copy of this can be found here