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Stockist Spotlight: Short Long Black

Short Long Black

If you are a Glasgow Southsider you will be very much familiar with SLB. You will almost certainly find a queue outside but the wait is always worthwhile. You + I met up with the owner of SLB Darryl Docherty for a chat about all things Short Long Black. Enjoy!

Tell us about SLB and how it all started?
Short Long Black is a quality coffee & pastry focused cafe on Victoria road in the southside of Glasgow. I set up SLB with the view of creating a space which celebrates the seasonality of speciality coffee. Over lockdown the space evolved into a bakery , with a focus on laminated pastry dough.

What is one coffee gear item (i.e., coffee machine, grinder, etc.) that you just can’t live without?
The one piece of equipment we focus on at SLB is the grinder. Coffee grind distribution is essential to the quality of extraction we get from the beans making the grinder one of the most important pieces of equipment at the cafe.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?
One of my favourite travel destination has been Penang in the north of Malaysia, this is an absolute foodies paradise, and the people are amazing too.

What is yours and Short Long Black’s customers favourite You + Drink?
My favourite you and I drink is the original kombucha, it really hits the spot for me. Our customers favourite would be the lime and salt, it sells out very frequently.

What is your favourite coffee right now and how do you drink it?
My favourite coffee which is in season at the moment is Vunga from Rwanda. This was the coffee which we opened the store with, and it will always have a special place on the bar. I like it as a short long black.

Why do you do what you do?
I love the hospitality industry, and Glasgow's food scene has progressed immensely in the last decade. I love contributing to the new wave of quality focused places in the city, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction doing so.