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We've Rebranded!

Back in 2017 when we started Clever Kombucha from our top floor traditional flat we were just living in the moment (as you should) but when it came to choosing a name for our startup business we weren’t really thinking of the big picture. Being slightly naive we went with a name that seemed at the time to be an obvious choice for our kombucha. After all it is clever. The entire natural process of fermentation and its benefits are clever. So Clever Kombucha was born.

Clever Kombucha started as a vision and we are proud that we have now become a viable commercial brewery. Naturally we want to continue to grow and expand our business to offer the best, healthiest drink options for everyone.

So, a fresh start, new beginnings, another chapter I guess you would say. While the world stood still we kept turning and our business has evolved into more than just a single “ clever” product. Clever Kombucha has grown alongside our family (we are now raising not one but three boys!). The importance of healthy living and producing products that are the best for our family and our consumers is at the forefront of what we do. Channeling our creativity and passion for wellbeing we can now offer you a range of healthy drinks.

In 2020 we made the conscious decision to say farewell to the name Clever Kombucha and as of 25/01/21 we will be trading under the name You + I. We are no longer just a clever kombucha! You + I brings you contemporary barley waters, botanical teas and of course, the drink that started it all, kombucha, all still made with carefully considered organic, natural ingredients.

Your support of Clever Kombucha over the years is so appreciated and we wanted to show our appreciation by acknowledging “you” in our new venture. We make drinks with benefits and want only the best for You + I.