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Q&A With Andrew From Velo-City

Did you know our local deliveries in Glasgow are delivered by bike? A bike is the fastest, cleanest and most reliable way to move around a town or city and allows us to lower our carbon footprint.

We have been working alongside Andrew from Velo-City to get as many orders as possible delivered by bike.

Here is a quick Q&A with Andrew.

Tell us about Velocity and how did it all get started?
I started Velo-City Deliveries on the back of Covid and the various lockdowns. I was an essential worker maintaining machinery supplying the NHS and have always commuted to my work by bike. During those times there was so little traffic and so much more active travel and different use of roads most usually used by cars and vans. Seeing kids and adults walking or cycling up roads in my community usually congested with dangerous, polluting cars made me realise I wanted to work towards a different and better future. I didn't want to look back and think what could I have done to make a difference so I decided that I would jump in and see if my vision found a matching need in society and thankfully it has.

Why do you do what you do?
For all the reasons above and also to build a job around my life that priorities time with my family. As a bonus I get fit and huge amounts of satisfaction from feeling as though I am making a difference.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve delivered?
I have been asked this before but sadly haven't had anything too strange on the bike or in the trailer. I help move smoke machines and various stage equipment with the National Theatre of Scotland so I guess that will have to be my answer. A bit lame, sorry!

How many miles do you cover on your bike in an average day?
My average is 60km a day but frequently I do 80km+ days during the week

What does the future hold for Velocity?
Hopefully we can keep growing and keep proving that massive amounts of transport needs currently done by polluting vans and cars can be done cleanly and quickly by bicycle.  

What was the last song you listened to?
Rise from your grave (wild pitch mix) by Phuture is the last thing on my Cycle playlist, the last piece of vinyl I bought was Ring my Bell, Blood Sisters 12" and the last concert I went to was Marlon Williams at King Tuts last week.